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How to set up a remote interview process

They often mistake confidence with arrogance, and therein lies their rejection. Try to have a quieter place for the interview as it adds to your image formation in the interviewer’s eyes. It will look highly unprofessional if your kids make a racket in the background or if the TV is on. A blank piece of paper and a pen can also be handy to jot something down or clarify your thoughts during a complicated question.

remote interview meaning

Online interviews should always be with the camera on; that way, you can establish a deeper connection with candidates instead of just talking like if you were a robot. Also, don’t try to mimic the onsite experience online, because honestly, it’s impossible. Instead of trying to emulate reality digitally, embrace the new virtual setting. To help make a great first impression, prepare by researching the company and reviewing their handbook and values. Practice answering some sample interview questions live with a peer or by recording yourself or practicing in a mirror.

Remote job seekers and candidates

Remote recruiters differ from local recruiters because they don’t have geographical boundaries when looking for candidates allowing them to increase their talent pool. They put their efforts into overseas and emerging markets where skilled workers are plentiful and available. When you partner with DistantJob for your next hire, you get the highest quality developers who will deliver expert work on time. We headhunt developers globally; that means you can expect candidates within two weeks or less and at a great value.

  • You could talk about how you taught yourself a new skill or when you leveraged your network to fill a gap.
  • Devote a significant portion of your interview process to telling the candidate about the company culture.

But, if you never hear back, consider that a sign that the company is likely going in a different direction. Besides, if that’s how they treat applicants, it’s a bad sign that they may treat employees that way also—and maybe you wouldn’t have been happy there anyway. If you get encouraging responses, continue following up but delicately.

How Do You Manage Your Time and Stay Organized?

First, you’ll log into the application and follow the instructions for setting up your one-way interview. Employees who spend 3-4 days working remotely are about 11% more engaged than their in-office peers, resulting in higher productivity and lower turnover. Learn how to showcase your company brand to remote candidates in the new normal of work. Share tips for establishing a relationship with a candidate, such as designating a few minutes for small talk at the start of an interview, and smiling and nodding to show interest. Ideally, interviewers should find a quiet, well-lit space where they’re unlikely to be disturbed, and have an uncluttered background and strong Wi-Fi connection.

  • However, you’ll also want to demonstrate that you’re a perfect match for this remote position.
  • Interviewing someone from Australia when the business’s headquarters are based on the U.S. west coast, however, can be challenging.
  • One of the best things about a remote interview is that you can bring anything into the remote interview without seeing it.
  • If you´re considering scaling your team online, the first step is ensuring you have the infrastructure.
  • If you’re new to remote interviewing or simply want to improve your hiring process, read on.

If you’ve worked remotely in the past, it should be simple to answer. If you haven’t, you’ll need to come at it based on what you would do. According to Jones, the key here is to have a detailed, thoughtful answer (complete with specific examples) prepared. That should be fairly easy for people who’ve worked remotely in the past, but if you haven’t, don’t sweat it. “Sometimes people get tripped up when they are asked a question about a situation they’ve never been in—and remote work is new to a lot of folks,” Jones says. “If this happens, communicate what you would do if you encountered XYZ situation in a remote role; sometimes the thought process is more valuable than the actual answer.”

Don’t forget that you’re interviewing, too.

If you or the candidate are working from home, a common issue that can arise is bandwidth. If multiple people are online in a house at the same time, this can occasionally cause delays with video conferencing tools. To address such issues, you can opt to disable the video function on the application you’re using during the interview. This way you’ll still be able to maintain a conversation with the candidate, albeit without the visuals.

remote interview meaning

Study The Company Search online for any articles or blogs about the company and its recent work. If you know someone who works there or has previously, ring them and pick their brain for the inside scoop. Practice Makes Perfect Rehearse your responses to anticipated questions by saying them out loud to yourself, a friend or a family member.


However, just because it’s a one-way video interview, don’t only dress the top half of you for success. Make sure you dress up all of you—including shoes—for two reasons. If it feels weird to stare right at a camera, or you find you have a hard time maintaining “eye contact,” stick something up underneath your camera https://remotemode.net/blog/how-remote-interview-process-looks-like/ to remind you to “look here! It can be a sticky note with words, a picture of an eye, or a picture of a loved one. In most cases, you’ve got a limited amount of time to answer the question, say, 60 seconds. If the time is limited, there should be a timer on screen so you can see how much longer you have.

So spend some time reflecting on how you’d like to answer these questions, then ask a friend to join you on a video chat to practice your responses. And they’ll likely be asking you questions aimed at teasing these traits out. So while the remote jobs you’re pursuing may be very similar to in-office roles you’ve had in the past, working from home requires a different work style.